Purpose and Use of Elevator Bolts

An elevator bolt is a bolt that has a wide flat disc type head and a square standard bolt head directly underneath but above the threads. The square standard bolt head is made to be countersunk and will resist turning so that the bolt can be loosened or tightened with ease. The wide flathead attached directly to the top of the square standard bolt head is meant to be completely flush with the surface material and will greatly increase the load bearing capacity of the elevator bolt. Elevator bolts come in many different sizes and styles and it is important to choose one that is of the proper type and is rated for the load you intend to put on the bolt. Elevator bolts also have different ways of attaching to the surface you are bolting them to so you must make sure you choose one that is appropriate to the surface type you are using.

Use on Soft Surfaces

The disc type head on an elevator bolt is especially useful when the bolt is attached to soft surfaces. Once installed properly, if a load is to be placed on the elevator bolt the wide, flat, disc like head on the top of the bolt will cover a lot more surface than a standard bolt and will allow for a greater and more even displacement of pressure on the soft surface. This makes the elevator bolt a very sturdy and safe choice of bolt for use in soft materials such as soft wood.

Conveyors and Lifts

Elevator bolts are essential to the construction of some conveyor belt systems. This bolt design proves to be very useful for systems like conveyor belts where something needs to be attached with a sturdy bolt but cannot have a standard bolt head sticking out on the surface. The elevator bolt allows for this by having its flat, disc-like head that stays completely flush with the belt surface. These bolts are also used very effectively in lifts due to their increased safe load capacity.

Bucket Lifts

A very popular use for elevator bolts is in bucket lifts for grain elevators and the like. In this case different styles of elevator bolts are used depending on the fastening method. If an elevator bolt with a standard bolt head underneath is impractical, there are elevator bolts that come with gripping fangs or gripping fins underneath that will sink into surface materials and prevent the bolt from turning while tightening or loosening. These bolts carry the same benefits of a wide disk-like load bearing head.

Vehicle Flooring

Elevator bolts are often used to bolt in flooring in vehicles such as campers. Flooring in an RV or camper will often bend and flex due to the mobile nature of these vehicles and their recreational use. This flexing and bending can weaken the areas of the floor where it is bolted down and cause a standard bolt head to eventually fail and pop through the floor. Elevator bolts will not do this due to their large disk-like head.