Putting Green Design and Installation

Putting a ball into a hole
  • 10-60 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 500-3,000

Thinking of setting up a backyard putting green? Here are some guidelines for choosing the best putting green design for your needs and installing it properly.

The type of putting green design you’ll want depends on a few factors.

Do you prefer real grass or synthetic turf? Real grass is less expensive to install but more expensive and time consuming to maintain. Synthetic turf costs between $2.75 to $12 per square foot, making the initial outlay for a 1000 square foot green at least $2750.

Where should you put your green? A flat piece of land is essential. Also, consider the type of shots you’ll be practicing. Chipping shots require more space around the green than simple putting does.

Once you’ve chosen your putting green design, you’re ready to install. Grade the selected site, shaping it to the final contours you’ll want for your green. Insert the cups where desired, and sow your seed.

Synthetic turf users next need to lay a rock sub-base of limestone, raking it out until it lies smooth. Then determine and insert the cups where desired. Cut the turf to the exact size of the green, lay in place and in-fill with a mixture of sand and flex material to keep the turf standing upright and providing a good putting surface.