PVC Greenhouse

There are several different ways to build a PVC greenhouse. Most of the time people find it easier to buy a kit rather than try to build it from scratch. A PVC greenhouse is an easy way to give your plants a head start for the spring and protect them from unexpected frosts.

To start building a PVC greenhouse gather together several 2x4s, a clear plastic tarp, clear tape, and a staple gun.

  • Start by building a frame out of the 2x4s. Nailing them together is usually the best choice.
  • Next cut the tarp so you have a piece for each side of the box, except the bottom and staple it firmly into the frame.
  • If your PVC greenhouse is set to be a decent size your next step is to build a door. Otherwise if it is small enough you can simply pick it up and place it over top. Cut out a section of tarp on the side or top that will be large enough to slip the trays through and keep the flap closed with tape.

A Good Reason for a PVC Greenhouse

A PVC greenhouse will trap the sun's rays and create a warm humid atmosphere. This will allow your plants to grow better as they are in a more stable environment.