Answers to Your Stucco Questions

Q. I am about to stucco my house. I have x90 siding on the house now. Is it better to stucco over the siding or take the siding off first?


It will be easier to mount the mesh if the siding presents a flat surface. Otherwise, furring or removal might be the better course of action.

Q. Can you color Stucco? If so, do you have to use a particular type of pigment or will any powdered pigment do?

A. Many brands of stucco come with color options, usually from adding the manufacturer's pigment. Be inclined to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer. Of course, you can paint stucco as an alternative.

Q. How do I mount a flag on an exterior Stucco wall?

A. You need to know how deep to penetrate to reach the structural substrate under the stucco and the composition of the substrate. Probably an anchor or long screw depending upon the material underneath could be used. If there is an inch to the substrate, then the substrate follows the manufacturer's recommendations on length of screw to use in a flush surface, then add to its length the space between the surface of the stucco and the substrate to get the proper length fastener. If you use an anchor, it will have to be long enough to reach the entire distance needed by the screw.

Q. I want the look of stucco on my brick home. A professional quoted $7,000, which is too expensive. Is there another way to give it that look? Could I just mix outdoor paint with mortar to cover the brick, or add color and water to mortar and apply to the brick?

A. If you want to do this yourself, here is a how-to on stucco application:

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