Quick Budget Bathroom Updates


Totally remodeling a bathroom can cost thousands of dollars and most of us just can't afford that kind of money, yet we still want our bathrooms to look attractive and stylish. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to update a bathroom without breaking your budget or even spending a lot of time.

Consider Paint

Painting is one of the quickest and most adaptable ways to transform any room from old and dated to modern and bright. Bathrooms are a perfect candidate. Most bathrooms are small, so even if you've never painted a room before, you can start and finish most bathroom painting projects over a weekend.

Dark walls can be updated to a lighter, brighter color, making your bathroom seem larger and more open. Don't like the color of your vanity. You can probably paint it in a day as well. Give it a good cleaning, lightly sand the exterior, then apply a color to tie in or contrast with your bright new walls.

Speaking of vanities, you can transform a vanity’s old laminate surface into granite with faux stone spray on paint, available online or at most home stores. Simply clean and lightly sand the surface then follow the directions on the can to spray on your new “stone.” Allow it to dry then spray on a couple of coats of clear acrylic to protect the surface. Now you have a “granite” vanity top for less than $50.

Modernize the Floor

Many bathrooms look dated because of a worn vinyl floor, or even worse, a carpet covering a vinyl floor. Get rid of the carpet and update the floor using peel and stick tiles, available for about $1 each at home stores. You can choose tiles with a ceramic or stone pattern or simply choose a fresh bright color.

Vinyl tiles are great for a do-it-yourself project because there are so many pattern and color options to choose from, they're easy to cut, light to work with and don't require any special skills to put down. In less than a day, you can have a new bathroom floor.

Finishing Touches

New towels, a bathmat and matching shower curtain along with some new curtains on the windows will brighten any bathroom. Add a wall-hung mirror opposite the main mirror to spread natural light and brighten your bathroom.

In less than a weekend, and for a lot less than a remodel, you can have a fresh new space.