Quick Fixes for Common Fireplace Blower Problems

A brick fireplace with tools on either side of it.

A fireplace blower is a important component of your fireplace that should always be functional. Here are the common problems that can arise in your blower and how you can quickly fix them.

Decreased Air Flow

If you notice that you're blower is not putting out as much hot air as usual, then your blower may have a problem with decreased air flow. This decrease in flow occurs because of the build up of dust and other particles which block off the vent. To remove the debris, use a wet/dry vacuum and thoroughly clean the vent.

In the event this doesn't help, then use a long handled brush and try pushing the dust and particles out. If you are still having problems, then the motor is most likely clogged with dust as well and will have to be cleaned.

Blower Keeps Tripping Circuits

In older homes, where circuits haven't been upgraded, a new fireplace can cause electrical problems. Make sure the voltage is high enough to handle the blower's necessary output. You'll need to upgrade your circuit panel to accommodate the blower if you continue to trip the circuit.

If you still have issues with the circuits, be sure to seek the advice of a professional electrician.

Blower Does Not Turn On

After a period of use, the motor of the blower might not turn on automatically. Check the settings on the control panel to make sure that the controls are set. Check the back of the panel for any corrosion of the connections or any wires that may have been chewed through, frayed, or even burnt. If you find any of these things, make sure to replace the wires. However, if the blower still doesn't function properly, it is most likely an issue with the motor.

Regular Maintenance Helps Prevent Issues

Regularly clean the fan and the motor of your blower to help it work at its optimal level. If your fireplace burns wood, then you will want to clean the blower once every few months as soot, creosote, and ash can build up rather quickly. Using a wire brush to get through the vents can easily push the build up out. Some fireplaces even have a slide out assembly so you can slide out the firebox portion of the fireplace to get at your blower and vents.

Fireplace blowers can be problematic. However, these fixes will keep the fire going.