A Quick Course in Dorm Room Decorating

Part of the fun of starting a new school year is decorating a new living space.

Whether it's a dorm room or moving into a first apartment, students want their space to be stylish and to reflect their personality, but doing so on a student's budget isn't always easy.

Fortunately, there are resources that can help students and parents tackle this challenge.

One such resource, HomeGoods, a fast-growing, home fashions retail chain with over 200 stores nationwide, offers the latest dorm room must-haves at prices that are incredibly budget friendly.

"Although college living spaces are typically small, personal style can still shine through," states Robyn Arvedon of HomeGoods.

Arvedon offers some stylish and affordable decorating tips that can help personalize and make the most of a small living space.

Create a multi-use bed. Sleep is important, but student beds are also used for reading, movie viewing and overall "hanging out." Not to mention, it is one of the first things people see when visiting.

Start with a brightly patterned duvet or comforter to add instant style and comfort. Add comfy pillows in different sizes and coordinating patterns that not only look great, but can morph a bed into a cozy seating area for friends.

Have fun with food. Even if the menu consists of mainly mac n' cheese, why not eat it on a cool looking plate? Fun acrylic tableware and glasses are a smart alternative to messy paper plates, are easy to clean and can add bold color in unexpected places.

Show style with storage. Students accumulate a lot of stuff and do not have many places to put it all, but storage is no longer limited to ugly milk crates. Fabric covered boxes, lined baskets and funky hat boxes in fun, coordinating colors and patterns keep toiletries, school supplies, socks, and just about anything, stylishly stored away.

Don't forget the "necessary" accessories. A sleek desk lamp, a shag rug, cool picture frames, plush bath towels and a couple pieces of funky wall art can showcase personal style and create a homey feeling in any space.

Even in a small living space, personal style can still shine through.

Courtesy of NAPSnet