Pretty Quick Home Improvement Fixes

home improvement

"Everything old is new again," goes the old saying. That statement has never been truer for today's home enthusiasts. Homeowners are not only looking for ways to provide functional quick fixes to items in and around their houses, but they also want their repairs to look great. Here are some quick and easy suggestions for home repairs that will make household items look like new.

Cracked Porcelain Sinks

To mend a cracked porcelain sink, use an epoxy adhesive, which is available at any local hardware store. Follow the package directions for preparing the epoxy mix. Do not use fast-drying epoxy. Make sure the sink surface is completely dry, and use a toothpick to fill the crack with the epoxy adhesive mixture.

Duct Tape Rips and Cracks

Rips, tears, and cracks on items such as lawn chairs, suitcases, automobile seats, and window screens can easily be fixed with transparent duct tape. The "clear" benefit is that this duct tape is transparent when applied, so repairs are less noticeable.

Update the Drapery

Not happy with the look of your drapery hardware? Get a pegged coat rack that is the same width as your window and paint it to match the decor. Screw the board into place across the top of the window and hang tab-top curtain panels over the pegs for a fun new look.

Steam Away Carpet Indentations

To remove carpet indentations from heavy furniture, grab a screwdriver and a steam iron. Use the screwdriver (a spoon or butter knife will do the trick, too) to loosen the matted carpet. Hold a steam iron .25-inches above the indented area so that the steam saturates the carpet. Doing so will fluff the matted area and even the carpet.

Bumper Sticker Removal

Bumper stickers on your car seem like a good idea, until the novelty wears off. Fear not, as bumper stickers can be easily removed with nail polish remover and a soft cloth. Peel a corner of the bumper sticker and run the cloth up and down the underside of the sticker while the adhesive loosens. Continue to peel back the bumper sticker and apply the remover until your bumper is sticker-free.

Refresh the Patio Furniture

Patio furniture can take a beating from the elements. To make your outdoor furniture look like new, apply some automotive paste wax. Clean-up a plexiglass tabletop with full-strength vinegar. Simply spray it and let it sit for a few minutes before wiping it off.