In construction terms, a rafter is a construction that is used to support a roof. In essence, the rafters are made not only to support their weight without bending or warping, but to uphold the weight of other materials that comprise the roof structure.

How are Rafters Installed?

A rafter can be installed many ways. This largely depends on the roof style. They can either be attached to a ledger or a beam. When dealing with a sloping roof, you will have to attached them to ledgers and then attach them with a seismic anchor.

Rafter Splicing Tips

If you are in need of splicing a rafter several times during the construction, make sure it is done by staggering the splices. Staggering them will help ensure there are no weak spots in the substructure. Too many deviations to the structure can cause a weak spot that will in turn ruin the whole infrastructure of the roof. Use Rafter splicing sparingly to ensure a solid structure.