Rain Gutter Guards: Options for Vinyl Gutters

If you want to install rain gutter guards on your vinyl gutters, then you may need to know more about the type of guttering that you have. Different types of guards have been designed to fit the different shapes of the vinyl guttering, so you will need to purchase specific types. You should also consider the different types of rain gutter guards available to you.

Vinyl Rain Gutter Guards

If you have a vinyl gutter, then the best type of guard to buy will be one which is also vinyl. These can be bought to match your original gutter, so you won't have noticeable marks in your gutters where the guards have been placed. Most types of vinyl rain gutter guards can be easily snapped into position on the gutter.

Mesh Rain Gutter Guards

Another type of rain gutter guard available for the vinyl gutter is the mesh variety. These are made with very large spaces, so that you can trap large debris, such as twigs, in the guard, but allow smaller objects to flow through the gutter. This prevents the guard from being blocked. You can install these mesh gutter guards using an installation kit, which will include brackets to support the guard.