The Advantages of Timed Irrigation Systems

A sprinkler head watering a lawn.

Landscaping your home takes an abundance of time and effort to keep it beautiful and healthy, so any way that allows you to effortlessly maintain your yard is one worth exploring. With that being said, a timed irrigation system is a great way to incorporate more convenience into the maintenance routine of your yard. The advantages and some of the ins and outs of these systems are listed below.

What Is a Timed Irrigation System?

A timed irrigation system uses an electrical device to turn on automatically at a certain time. These systems originated in the early 1960s, originally intended to control large-radius lawn sprinklers. The original design for these, which most golf course systems still utilize today, consisted of sprinklers that contain their own electrically operated valve.

While these systems started out as large, cumbersome undertakings that were commonly used at only agricultural or commercial establishments, they were made to be more compact in the 1970s, when they then became a more common household item. Timed irrigation systems are still quite common in today’s world, widely used in warmer climates or around the country during the summer months to keep a lawn and yard lush, green, and growing.

The Advantages of Timed Irrigation Systems

There are many advantages to using timed irrigation systems, and some of them are not as obvious as you may think!

They Conserve Water

Sprinklers on a lawn.

Sprinklers are a great way to save water, since they use less of it than does hand watering with a hose from plant to plant. Sprinkler systems with a timer can be preset for daily or weekly watering, which means that you can dictate how long the system will run. If you have a sprinkler system without a timer, you'll likely know how easy it is to turn the system on, walk away from it, and forget about it until after it's been on for an hour. A timer prevents you from using up too much water at once while still remaining effective. Your water bill is bound to be lower and you’ll be doing the environment some good as well, so it’s a win-win!

They’re a Time Saver

No one likes to feel short on time, but a timed irrigation system ensures that much time will be saved as the system will do the work for you. Instead of walking around with a hose or watering can, simply program your system and let it do all the watering. This will be a huge time-saver that you’ll be sure to appreciate.

They Offer Flexibility

An electronic timer for an irrigation system.

If you’re out of town, you no longer have to worry about your yard not getting the adequate amount of water to stay alive and well in your absence. Setting up an automatic sprinkler system means that you’ll be able to enjoy your time away, with peace of mind that your yard is getting the water it needs without even having to think about it.

They're Invisible

Since most automatic irrigation systems are hidden from view, they provide an aesthetically pleasing convenience in your yard. Instead of bulky hoses matting down your grass and causing a tripping hazard, a compact sprinkler head can pop up to provide your yard the water it needs, and then retract back into the ground once its daily watering time has passed.

Timed irrigation systems have come a long way since their original creation in the 1960s, and their advantages are enough to convince any homeowner to invest in their own. Enjoy the freedom of having your lawn watered for you on a preset schedule and you’ll love how green and beautiful your yard will be, even in the warmest of summer months.