Raising pH Levels in an Aquaponics System Naturally

What You'll Need
pH test strips
Sea shells
Crushed corral

It is necessary to maintain proper pH levels in both the fish tank and grow beds of your aquaponics cultivation system. If not, the atmosphere will be less than ideal for both the freshwater fish and the vegetables and/or herbs you grow. A perfect pH level hovers around 6.8, but this may fluctuate a bit depending on the fish species. Sometimes it's necessary to raise the pH level if the water is too acidic. 

Step 1: Test the Water

Using the pH test kit, test the pH level of the water circulating through your aquaponics system. The redder the strip or water the more acidic the water. Acidic water is not conducive to plant and fish life, so the pH level must be raised in this case. 

Step 2: Raise pH Level Naturally

Rather than add alkaline chemicals to raise the pH level in the water, you can do it naturally. Sea shells washed and boiled will help to raise the pH level and remove some of acidity of the water. Another good option is to pour in some crushed corral into the tank. This can be purchased as fish and aquarium stores.

Instead of using chemicals which may harm the fish or plant life, raise the pH levels by adding a naturally alkaline element.