Ranch Style House: Wiring And Plumbing

The ranch style house is often associated with tract homes build in the 1970s in the western United States. Although the ranch style house fell out of favor in the 1980s, interest in this style of home has revived over the past decade, particularly as interest in remodeling and refurbishing homes has increased in recent years.


One of the aspects of remodeling that many potential homeowners look at is wiring and plumbing. When it comes to the ranch style house, plumbing and wiring refurbishing can be relatively straightforward. Since many of these homes were built between the 1940s and 1970s, wiring and plumbing are modern. As a result, repairs and updates are usually only necessary if there has been damage to the house.

Exceptions to this may involve any changes to decorating styles for bathrooms or kitchens or if additional wiring is needed for home computer systems or home entertainment centers. Other new innovations since the house was constructed may include wiring for a home security system. Additionally, new telephone wiring may be needed for additional telephone outlets.


Most ranch style homes were built with modern plumbing and wiring. However, a remodeling project may involve updating existing plumbing and wiring to accommodate updated styles and conveniences.