Back to Nature Ready-Strip - Safer Paint and Varnish Remover

Ready-Strip is a one of a kind, environmentally friendly, paint and varnish remover capable of removing up to 5+ layers in one application. The revolutionary "Color Change" feature signals the time for paint removal. The stripper is applied to the surface and turns off-white or a pale green when the paint or varnish is ready to be removed. Ready-Strip is non-flammable, biodegradable, virtually odorless and can be cleaned up with water.

It does not contain methylene chloride, caustic, flammable chemicals or harmful vapors like many traditional strippers. Ready-Strip avoids the uncertainty associated with other strippers that are ineffective if removed too soon, or dry out and not work if left on too long. Ready-Strip not only eliminates the guesswork, but will strip 3-4 times more paint or varnish. Unlike other strippers, Ready-Strip is a semi-paste and therefore truly clings to vertical surfaces.

Types of Paint Removed

Ready-Strip can remove most varieties of household paint and varnishes which are water or oil based including latex, stains, enamels, lacquers, clear paints as well as polyurethanes, etc.


Ready-Strip can be applied on a multitude of interior and exterior surfaces including wood, plaster, concrete, brick, stone, masonry, marble, metal and fiberglass, etc. Ready-Strip will not damage plaster or wood (discolor or raise the grain) or affect any surface it is used on. Ready-Strip is not to be used on plasterboard, plastic, rubber or linoleum surfaces.

Back To Nature Safer Paint Removers and Lead Paint Encapsulants have been successfully used or approved on numerous projects highlighted by the following:

US Senate -Washington, DC
The Capitol Building-Washington DC,
Capitol Dome, The National Zoo-Washington DC
Smithsonian Institute-Washington DC and NYC
The Pentagon-Arlington, VA
Customs House-Washington, DC
Organization of American States-Washington, DC
National Institute of Health-Bethesda, MD
Manhattan Bridge, Williamsburg Bridge-NYC, NY
Minnesota DOT, Bridge Division-Roseville, MN
Princeton University, Rutgers University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Maryland, University of Minnesota, Wake Forest, Seton Hall University
SEPTA train stations-Allen's Lane, Overbrook, Philadelphia, PA
Los Angeles, CA School District, NYC, NY Board of Education
Historic Morven House, part of Governor's Complex, Princeton, NJ
New Jersey State Capitol Annex-Trenton, NJ
Ohio State Capitol-Columbus, OH
Los Angeles School District-Los Angeles, CA
New York City Board of Education-New York City, NY
US Army at West Point, NY, Ft. Bragg, NC, Pensacola, FL, Riverdale, ND, Yankton, SD, Ft. Monroe, VA
Historic Courthouses in Ocean County, NJ and Susquehanna County, PA
HUD at Huntsville, AL, Charleston, SC, Memphis, TN, Phoenix, AZ, Miami, Panama City, Jacksonville, Orlando, FL, Elizabeth, NJ
Utilities-Long Island Lighting, NY,
Consolidated Edison, NY, Toledo Edison, OH
The National Parks Service-VA
USDA Facility-Albany, CA
Pilgrim State and Kings Park Psychiatric Facilities, NY
Project Candelario Torres de Naranjito, PR
Portland Zoo- Portland, Oregon
A Premier Amusement Park
Trump Marina Hotel and Casino-Atlantic City,NJ
Glen Oaks Nursing Home- Clearwater, FL
Sarasota School Board-Sarasota FL
Safford House, Historic Restoration-Tarpon Springs, FL
US Navy Approved