Real vs. Fake Wedding Flowers Comparison

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There are plenty of reasons to choose fake wedding flowers over the real thing. The most basic reason is cost: real flowers can cost thousands of dollars, and in summertime they can also begin to wilt before the ceremony has even begun. It is possible to tell at a reasonably close distance whether the bride's flowers are fake or real, so if you are having a small, close-knit wedding, real flowers may be the best option. For larger ceremonies, fake or silk flowers can be just as good.

Real Flowers - Advantages

Real wedding flowers look much more attractive than their silk counterparts, and they also produce a wonderful, pleasant aroma. If you are certain that you want the appearance and feel of real flowers, then you will have to make budget cuts in other areas. Real flowers can also be given away later, to hospitals or care homes, meaning that their use is doubled: silk flowers cannot be treated in the same way.

Real Flowers - Disadvantages

On the downside, real wedding flowers are very costly for their length of use, and they can wilt and die before the marriage ceremony is even finished. They are not very durable, and wilted or damaged flowers can look even worse on a bride than silk.

Silk Flowers - Advantages

Silk wedding flowers can be made to look very attractive, and they can also be found, cheaply, in any color you choose. If you are having a themed wedding, then buying lots of silk flowers in those colors can be a quick and simple way of decorating any wedding reception, or even decorating the chapel itself. You can also get out-of-season blooms in silk wedding flowers without great expense, so if you are passionate about one particular kind of flower, silk is probably the best option. Silk flowers are, in general, much more hard-wearing than their real counterparts, and they are easy to manipulate and arrange in particular ways. If you are having a large ceremony, most people will not even realize that your beautiful wedding bouquet is made of silk.

Silk Flowers - Disadvantages

Silk wedding flowers do have some disadvantages: they do not produce scent, unlike real flowers, and many guests will probably miss that sensation when they come into the chapel. People often don't realize how important scent is to provoking memories, so they may feel the loss of this small detail more than you know. There are also people who consider using silk blooms to be somehow cheapening their day (although some weddings are very costly and could do with some 'cheapening'). .

If you pick the right kinds of flowers, ones that suit you and your wedding, it will probably not even matter. Most silk flowers can be fashioned so that they look real, and they are considerably more cost affective and durable than real ones. Some brides, however, may feel that a wedding is not complete without the traditional bouquet of real flowers.