Real vs Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles: What's Better?

real tin faux tin

Deciding between real tin ceiling tiles and faux tin ceiling tiles can be a very difficult. There are some advantages to both of these choices. To make that decision, you will have to examine the advantages of each and determine which best meets your needs and style.

Real Tin Ceilings

Those who want their home to be historically accurate will insist that there is no substitute for real tin ceilings. This design choice will give you the artistic and historic look of a real tin ceiling. There are tin ceiling panels that can be placed right over the existing ceiling for a quick and easy installation. Real tin will have to be primed so that the ceiling does not tarnish. You will find that there is a bit more work involved for these ceilings than faux materials. Many people will use tint on the tin ceilings to give them an antique look, which can be very attractive in a period home.

Cutting tin ceiling panels is also more difficult than a faux tin material. The materials that are designed to look like tin are designed to be cut to meet the needs of the ceiling. A real tin ceiling will also be more expensive than the faux materials.

Faux Tin Ceilings

Faux tin ceilings are designed to give the appearance of real tin without the additional cost. It is a good choice for designing period homes on a budget. A faux tin ceiling can be created with the use of ceiling paper and a faux paint finish on top. It will give you the great period look of a tin ceiling without all the costs associated with tin ceiling tiles. The paper that is used can be applied right over the existing ceiling and painted to create the look that you want for your home. This specialty paper is meant to be painted. It is not wallpaper.

You can also use this technique to cover up any water stains or small cracks in the ceiling and give your home a great new look. The water stains on your ceiling should be checked to make sure that they are neither new nor the result of a leak in your roof.

Your budget will play a large part in your decision making. There is nothing like a real tin ceiling when you are trying to restore the look of a period home. The faux tin materials and techniques that can be used on your ceiling will give you the look of a tin ceiling at a fraction of the cost.

Determine your budget in advance to help decide between the two ceiling types. If you have the money to spend on the tin ceiling, make certain that you have the material treated to avoid rusting and tarnish to the ceiling. It can create a wonderfully warm feeling in a period home.