Reasons to Choose an Air Jet Bathtub

A bathroom with a nice tub.

An air jet bathtub for your bathroom will make a relaxing and welcoming addition. There are many options available, including water jet, air jet, and Jacuzzi style tubs. Air jet tubs are soothing and quiet compared with water-jet tubs.


Jet tubs also offer additional benefits that water jet tubs cannot. With an air jet tub, you can add bubble bath, salts, and oils. Water jet tubs can't handle added ingredients, and the jet streams clog. Air jet tubs are far more bubble bath friendly. Air tubs do not have valves or pipes; therefore, there is no maintenance required. They also come with a guarantee that no excess water from the previous use will be trapped in the tub.


Air tubs are also quieter than water jet tubs. Air jet tubs do not have built-in turbines which control the water flow, so they provide a more relaxing and quiet experience. They massage gently. With the addition of aromatherapy oils, a bath in this tub is more like a day spa in your own home.