Reasons to Choose Fiberglass Garage Doors

Just because the garage is a fairly sterile environment, that is not meant for anything much more than storage, does not mean that you have to ignore the design of it. Fiberglass garage doors can provide many advantages over wood and metal. The article that follows will show you why fiberglass garage doors are the best choice for your garage.

Better Insulation

If you live in an area that is prone to high winds, snow and the cold then using fiberglass garage doors could save you some discomfort. Garages are made from concrete which keeps a cooler internal temperature regardless of the conditions outside. Walking out to the garage in the cold is like walking inside of a walk-in freezer. This is due, in part, to concrete keeping the area within cooler but also because the door is not a good insulator. The majority of garage doors are made out of metal or wood and neither can provide insulation like fiberglass.


Garage structures normally are not insulated. This lack of insulation means that it is susceptible to not only heat and cold but moisture. If you store anything inside the garage then those items may also be prone to these elements. When a wooden garage door is subjected to both internal and external factors you will notice that it may warp, buckle, crap and rot. Metal garage doors, despite being treated with a rust prevention chemical, will begin to rust and eventually fail. Fiberglass garage doors will not be affected by these conditions. Fiberglass garage doors are made to prevent rotting, breaking, cracking and warping. The cost of fiberglass garage doors may be more than the other materials but it is well worth the cost for the trade off in durability.

Better Wood than Wood

Many homeowners choose wooden garage doors because they are concerned with an appearance that coincides with the exterior of their home. This choice seems good at the time until the wooden garage door has to be treated, stained, painted or repaired after the first year. Fiberglass garage doors are made with a deep and lush wood grain texture. Fiberglass garage doors also come finished in several rich colors that can resemble woods like oak or mahogany. You can also stain, paint, finish, lighten or darken the fiberglass to suit your needs and personal taste.

Fancy Hardware and Glass

Unlike wood and metal there are certain hardware choices that cannot be used due to the lack of strength of the material. Fiberglass garage doors can be outfitted with heavier pieces of metal to be used as functional pieces like an ornate handle. You can also purchase metal accents to use as trim. They are easy to install and adds an exquisite beauty to fiberglass garage doors. Many garage doors have glass installed in them but they tend to lean on the boring side. You can add flare to your fiberglass garage doors by using ornate stained glass.