Reasons to Replace a Shingle Roof

New roofing types continue to replace shingle roof varieties as the traditionally popular choice. Shingled roofs have remained some of the most popular. They transform the appearance of a house to one of beauty and elegance. Various materials are used to produce shingles. Asphalt, wood, slate, rubber and ceramic are some of the most common materials for shingle manufacture. However, a shingle roof has many other disadvantages. Below are some reasons why you should consider replacing your shingle roof.

Short Durability

A shingled roof is prone to damage, especially by weather elements. Strong winds and storms easily dislodge individual shingles. Others may break due to the impact caused by flying debris. Nearby tree branches blown by the wind can also cause substantial damage to a shingle roof. You are compelled to prune tree branches as a safeguard.

Low Resilience

A shingled roof may look attractive. However, it does not contribute as much to overall house stability as other roofing varieties. A shingled roof is not the best choice if you live in an area that experiences extreme weather patterns. The roof is unlikely to stand the test of severe storms, strong winds and hurricanes. The laying technique involved in the installation of a shingled roof doesn’t do much to boost the house structure. In many cases, a strong roof has emerged as the topmost defense for the rest of the house.


Shingled roofs are prone to leaking. This is associated to the technique of laying out individual shingles over the entire roof. It can be difficult to trace the exact source of the leak. Repairing a leaking roof often involves considerable expenses. It costs even more when the leaking has been unattended for long. You need to replace beams, sidings and other wooden fixtures that may have began to rot. Repairs may run into thousands of dollars depending on the extent of damage.

Curling of Shingles

Shingles have a tendency to curl with time. Weather changes and age are the main causes of curling. Curled shingles detract from the otherwise fine appearance of your house. They are a definite subtraction from the value of your home. You will be compelled to replace your roof once curling sets in.

Increase Your Home Value

Severe weather often causes much damage to a shingled roof. Broken or missing shingles must be replaced. If not, you would be inviting leakages. Rodents may also gain easy entry into your house. Besides, a shingled roof with broken or missing shingles doesn’t do much for the value of your home. Coupled with the short durability and low resilience, a shingled roof is likely to fetch much less in the housing market. It is a good idea to replace your shingled roof with another better variety. This will boost both the security and value of your home.

Repairs and Maintenance

The layout of a shingled roof makes it difficult to undertake routine repair and maintenance work. The shingled pattern can also cause an accident when one is working on the roof as it doesn’t provide much foot support.