Rebirth On The Deck: 5 Remodeling Ideas

To ensure that you can spend many long hours relaxing on the deck, consider remodeling projects that will improve the aesthetics, safety and durability of your outdoor space.

Resurface Your Wood

The easiest way to update your wood deck is to thoroughly clean it of dirt and debris. Scrub rust marks, stains and dry rot from the surface, and sand down any visible imperfections in the wood. Stain and seal your fresh wood surface to protect it from moisture and other harmful elements. This waterproofing will help restore your deck's original luster.

Hide the Damage

Perhaps your deck is very old and has weathered too much damage. One economical and practical solution is to remove the wood boards and flip them over, exposing their underside surfaces. If the wood boards are too badly damaged, cover them with a composite deck material, or simply replace them with pressure-treated wood designed to fight rot and termites. While these options are more costly, the results will last many years. Once replaced, protect your investment with a water-repellent deck sealer.

Grill Outdoors

Make your backyard into one of the primary entertainment centers of your home. Elaborate your deck with special features and luxury items, like a built-in grill. Custom grill enclosures offer wide preparation counters as well as easy storage for utensils and other grilling accessories, and some even add space for a small refrigerator. These enclosures are also designed to protect the grill from the weather, while maintaining a neat and tidy appearance.

Light Up The Night

Extend the hours that you can comfortably and safely use your deck by including outdoor lighting. Decide what type of mood you want to create. For a more intimate environment, choose soft lights, like low lamps or tall torches widely spaced around the deck. For a party-type atmosphere, install bright flood lights on the side of your house. Look for popular solar-powered outdoor lights for eco-friendly savings.

Go Bigger!

Choose a floor plan that allows you to construct a larger deck that won't overpower the look of your home. Popular options include built-in seating that offers more sitting space while creating a sleek, steamlined look that showcases your unique style for more than any patio furniture will. These seats will also eliminate the need for movable, abrasive furniture that can damage your wood and, in turn, extend the life of your deck for many years.