Recaulking a Bathtub

What You'll Need
Razor blade or modeling knife
Alcohol or bleach
Commercial caulk cleaner
Caulk gun

Recaulking a bathtub is not a difficult or time consuming project, and you can easily give your bathtub a fresh look. The bathroom is a wet room and due to the high levels of humidity, you have to air it frequently. Otherwise, mould will start sneaking in, and your chalking and re-caulking efforts will be in vain.  

 Step 1 - Prepare the Bathtub for recaulking

First, clean the bathtub with warm water and soap or a special cleanser for acrylic. Let it dry well and use a razor blade or a modeling knife to remove the old caulking. Once you cut it from end to end, it will easily peel off. If some small silicone particles don’t come off, you can remove them with alcohol or bleach. If the old silicone caulk is colorful, you may need commercial caulk cleanser to remove all colorful pieces. You can purchase commercial silicone caulk cleaner from any store that sells building materials.

Step 2 - Purchase Needed Materials

You will need one or two tubes of silicone caulk which you can obtain from any store for building materials. You will also need a modeling knife or a razor to remove the old caulk. You can get a modeling knife from some of the specialized arts shops. You also need a caulk gun which can be bought together with the silicone caulk. You can use either transparent or colorful caulk. However, if your bathtub has white tiles, as most often is the case, it is better to use white or colorful silicone caulk. The transparent one gets dirtied more easily.

Step 3 - Let’s Recaulk

You will need rubber gloves because silicone is very adhesive and may stick to your skin. It is hard to remove when it dries. Moreover, if you spill some silicone, it will be easier to sweep it with a finger. That is why gloves are quite handy. Also, prepare a wet towel to clean any excess caulk which you accidentally spill on the tiles or the chromatic shower parts. Pay special attention to the trims: they are the hard part. It is recommended to shape the trims at the end. After you finish re-caulking (using the caulk gun), let it dry well for a day or two. Meanwhile, it is best to avoid using the bathtub. When the silicone dries well, shape the trims using a new silicone tube and again, let them dry well before you use the bathtub.

Words of Advice

You don’t have to work with a light speed, but bear in mind that silicone dries fairly fast. Be careful not to apply too much of the silicone around the tiles because it is hard to have them cleaned. Do your best to prevent breathing in or swallowing caulk and don’t touch your face or eyes while working with it.