Recessed Door Hinge Installation Made Easy

In typical door hinge installation, the hinges are often installed using a surface mount or recessed mount, though occasionally you will find hinges that are a combination of the two styles. Here are a few tips on how to install recessed hinges.

Materials You'll Need:

•    Screwdriver
•    Tape measure/ruler
•    Wood chisel
•    Level
•    Hammer or mallet
•    Screws

Step 1 - Plan the Placement

To begin the process, first decide where you want the hinge installed. Generally, hinges are installed about 10 inches from the bottom of a door and 5 inches from the top.

Mark the correct location for the hinges on your door frame and on the door.

Step 2 - Cut the Recess

Trace the outline of the hinge on the door frame. Make sure that you have the height and width correctly noted on your outline.

Mark where the screws will be installed on the hinge. Then, using the chisel and mallet, carefully cut out a recess for your hinge based on your outline, slowly chipping away excess wood from the frame.

Now place the hinge in the depression, making sure that it fits cleanly into the space.

Step 3 - Attach the Hinge

Screw the hinge in place on the door frame.

Step 4 - Repeat as Needed

Repeat steps above until all of the hinge plates are in place on both your door and door frame.

Step 5 - Insert the Pins

Carefully hold the door in place and insert the hinge pins.