Recharging an Electric Scooter Moped

a red moped

An electric scooter or moped is a great way of getting around town and saving money. An electric scooter uses a rechargeable battery for power and usually travel at speeds of up to 35 to 45 miler per hour. This makes them perfect for travel in large cities or metropolitan areas. They are small, economical and can cut through traffic much faster than any car or taxi.

Most electric mopeds or scooters don't require too much in the way of maintenance; however, you do need to keep the battery charged. Charging the battery on a electric scooter will increase your monthly electric bill somewhat. However, the costs are minimal if you consider how much money you save versus buying fuel for a car or even taking the bus or subway everyday.

Charging the Battery

Most electric scooters come with a charging pad that is used to charge the battery on the bike. In most cases, you'll need to remove the battery from the electric scooter or moped in order to charge it. This is usually accomplished by opening the battery compartment on the scooter which is usually closed with clips or latches and placing it on a charging pad.

Because the battery needs to be frequently removed in order to charge it, most manufacturers use quick connect or click snapped connections for the wires that lead to the battery. This enables you to quickly remove the battery and set it up on the charging pad. Once the battery is placed on the charging pad, you simply connect the quick connect cables from the charger to the battery and plug in the charger. Once the battery charge is complete, the charging pad will usually display a green light that indicates the battery is fully charged and that it can be removed from the charging pad.

Good Charging Habits

A fully drained electric moped or scooter battery can take up to 10 or 12 hours to charge. Therefore, you should make a habit of charging the battery after every use. Even if you only ride the moped or scooter a few miles, you should place the battery on its charging pad. This will not only ensure that the battery is always fully charged when you need it, it will also reduce the amount of time the battery needs to stay on the charging pad.

Frequent charges of the electric moped and scooter battery not only reduces charging times, it also helps to keep the battery properly conditioned. Electrolytes or water used in rechargeable scooter batteries tend to settle at the bottom of the battery when not activated or charged. Charging the battery at least three or four times a week will keep the chemicals in the battery thoroughly mixed and at peak levels.

The final benefit of frequent charging is that it prevents the battery from establishing a memory. If you have ever had a cell phone battery that didn't last as long as it should, you've probably experienced the effects of a battery establishing a memory. The memory effect applies to batteries that have been improperly charged on a continuous basis. This usually prevents them from holding a full charge or powering the device as long as it should.