Recipe for a Homemade Vinyl Record Cleaner

What You'll Need
De ionized water
Anti-bacterial soap
Chamois cloth
D4 disc washer brush

If you have old vinyl records around the house you can probably use a good recipe for a homemade vinyl record cleaner. You most likely have everything you need already around the house. What you don't have can easily and inexpensively be purchased.

Recipe 1

Mix 1/2 cup of alcohol, 1 teaspoon of anti-bacterial soap and 1 teaspoon of deionized water. Some people like to let this mixture sit over night others use it right away. Mist it onto your record and clean in concentric circles using the chamois cloth. Then dry in the opposite direction with a dry chamois cloth. Don't use this mixture on old 78 rpm records. This recipe is good for records that are stored for long periods and the anti bacterial soap will help prevent mold and mildew.

Recipe 2

Mix 1 cup of alcohol with one cup of deionized water. You can pour this onto the record or mist it on then clean as above instructed with a chamois cloth or old clean rag. This recipe is best for records that are only slightly dirty or haven't been played much.

Recipe 3

Many professional disc jockeys say the best way to clean your vinyl records is with just the deionized water and then us a discwasher brush. These brushes may be difficult to locate, so you may have to search online to purchase one.