Recoating RV Roof

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Q. I purchased an RV and am currently recoating the roof, and wanted ideas from others who own RV's what type of roof coating I should use. It does not appear to have any leaks, but they have sealed around all the pipes and so forth on the roof. I really want to reseal it to make it look more attractive, and also to make sure there will be no leaks. Just wanted to get some ideas on what the best product out there is to use for this?
A. On rubber roofs, apply an approved rubber roof treatment to revitalize the rubber surface and protect it from UV deterioration. If the surface has suffered abrasion or other damage, apply a specially formulated rubber roof topcoat to restore the surface. On metal or fiberglass roofs, apply an electrometric coating to seal, insulate and protect the roof surface. On any type of roof surface, if you have made repairs, have areas of water ponding, or if the roof surface is badly worn or damaged, apply a primer before the top coat for extra sealing and protection, and to help insure good adhesion of the top coat. A local RV dealer should be able to point you in the right direction. You may also do an online search.