Recognizing Yellow Foxtail Weed

The variety of weed known as Yellow Foxtail is an unwelcome addition to your lawn. Not only is this weed ugly, but it can also detract soil nutrients intended for your yard plants or lawn. Here is how you can tell if you are already looking at a Yellow Foxtail.

Typical Appearance of Yellow Foxtail Weed

The stem of this weed stands erect, but when held horizontally it can appear flattened rather than perfectly round. It can grow anywhere from 2 to 3 feet in height. The base of the plant also has a reddish tinge instead of green.

The buds or bases of the leaves are rolled. However, the leaf blades are long and they typically have silky hairs on the surface near the buds. When mature, the plant’s seed head will have a yellowish tint and look very much like a fox’s tail.

Distinguishing Characteristics of Yellow Foxtail Weed

The hair growth on the leaves of the Yellow Foxtail can distinguish it from other varieties of foxtail weeds. For instance, a Yellow Foxtail will have no hair on the upper layer of the leaves, unlike the Giant Foxtail. Also, while the Green Foxtail will totally have no hair on both its leaf blades and buds, the Yellow Foxtail weed will have a few silky hairs near the leaf buds.