"Recycled" and "Green""Laminate Flooring"

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When considering what type of flooring to use in a home remodeling project, an innovative option that is gaining popularity is recycled or green laminate flooring. Installation is relatively easy and will give you the satisfaction of knowing you are conserving resources.

What is Green Laminate?

Green laminate flooring is largely composed of recycled materials like wood fibers or recycled paper. The wood core is constructed of recycled waste wood fibers that are pressed into a layer that gives the laminate the feeling of hardwood flooring. The top layer is often what creates the look or pattern of the laminate and is constructed of recycled post-consumer paper products.

Installing Recycled Laminate Flooring

After carefully measuring the area you have chosen to install your laminate flooring, prepare the floor by removing all baseboards and old flooring materials.

Step 1 - Lay Underlayment

person installing underlayment for laminate flooring

Place the floating underpad on top of the subfloor.

Step 2 - Use Spacers

Place spacers against the wall where you start and at the end of each row as you work. This leaves room for your floating floor to adjust for temperature changes.

Step 3 - Install Planks

Begin fitting laminate planks together (remember to stagger joints), snugging with taps of a rubber mallet and a snugging tool.

Step 4 - Finish

Reinstall baseboards or install new ones.
Once you have finished installing the entire floor, clean it with a dry mop and enjoy your new green laminate floor.