Recycling Electronic Waste

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The varied and high number of electrical items that we make use of in our homes can make it easy for electronic waste to accumulate. This situation makes it a good idea to know the best ways of disposing of these items by way of recycling so that toxic materials do not find their way into the environment.

Local Authority

To reduce the amount of fly-tipping with electronic waste, local authorities will often provide a service which will see them collecting it. Contact them to find out whether they are prepared to take possession of the electrical equipment to dispose of it on your behalf. This may involve you having to drop the items off at a specific location as advised, or arranging for them to be collected from your home.

Recycling Companies

There are several companies on the market which specialize in dealing with electronic waste. More often than not, they will recycle the items by refurbishing them and selling them on. In return, they will usually offer a sum in compensation so it can also be a way to make a little extra money. This process will help to reduce the need for new items on the market which help the environment as there will be less need for the manufacture process.  

Another type of company that can recycle items in a different manner are those that take pieces of equipment apart for the parts. Even an outdated piece of equipment can comprise a great number of parts that can still be used if separated from the whole. Check with firms that offer repair of electrical goods as these will often have the most need for additional parts.  


If you have acquired electronic waste through the process of upgrading your electrical equipment, this means it is still likely to work and be of some use. In this case, though the items may no longer be required by yourself, they may well prove handy to someone else. Rather than discard them, determine whether the items can be sold on. There are many methods by which second-hand electrical equipment can be bought and sold. Try local newspapers, a garage sale or the Internet to find a buyer, all of which you will be able to do for free. You may also find that some individuals will have items that they are prepared to swap for yours so that you both end up with items that you want while getting rid of what is no longer needed.


Check with friends and family to determine whether any of them could use the item that you are seeking to get rid of. What is an old item to you may be a new item to someone else. Alternatively, consider donating the electronic waste directly to a charity that you are aware of who will be able to use them. You may also be aware of charity shops in your area which sell items in behalf of charities so you know that the resulting funds will be going to a good cause.