Recycling Metal

If you are concerned with going green or you just have a concern for the environment for future generations you should consider recycling. There are generally four materials that people are concerned with recycling. These are paper, plastic, glass, and metal. Recycling metal does not just include recycling aluminum cans.

Types of recycled metal

The two most common recycled metals at the present time are aluminum and steel. Metals like copper, gold and silver are considered to be too valuable to throw away, so they do not pose an environmental problem.

Recycled aluminum comes from the millions of soda cans that are discarded on a daily basis. Recycled steel comes from discarded appliances, cars that have been scraped and demolished buildings.

 How to recycle metal

Paper and plastic can be destroyed with extreme temperature. It is almost pointless to burn aluminum or steel. You can do your part by getting two recycling bins for residential use. Since you will be recycling metals that have separate uses, it will be easier to separate them as they are discarded.

Remember that soda cans are aluminum and soup, coffee, and pet food cans are made of steel.