Recycling Used Oil after an Oil Change

An oil change is a necessary part of basic car maintenance. Replacing a car’s oil keep the engine clean and well lubricated, allowing it to function efficiently over its lifetime. But what do you do with the used oil after an oil change?

Why Everyone Should Recycle

Used oil is created when the oil has run its course through the engine of the car, collecting debris along the way. This oil can not be used again once it has been removed during an oil change. When not disposed of properly, used oil can leak into the ground water, contaminating drinking water sources. Uncontaminated crude oil is biodegradable, but as motor oil collects heavy metals during its use, it can not be simply thrown away.

How to Recycle Used Oil

After an oil change, a mechanic takes the used oil and places it into a covered drum outside of the ship. Someone changing their oil on their own can take their used oil to a repair shop as well in order to use this drum. Deposit the oil into the drum and recover the container. The container will be taken to an oil recycling facility.