Recycling Your Old Glass Shower Door

Sliding glass doors on a tiled shower.

When you choose to replace a glass shower door with something more stylish or contemporary, there is no reason to add this large piece of glass to the already overflowing landfills. There are other places it can be used around the house.

Cut Down and Use as Replacement Glass

Since the shower door is such a large sheet of glass, it can be cut down and used in an existing window pane or even a piece of furniture like a china cabinet. Keep in mind that a shower door may not keep out the weather as well as a brand new window, but it is better than many of the windows that were made twenty years ago or earlier.

Use as Privacy Glass

hardware on a glass shower door

Additionally, a glass shower door is usually made with a texture that is meant to reduce visibility so it will add privacy that is not normally seen in window glass.

While reusing your old glass shower door may be a good recycling practice, it is not always the cheapest choice. For instance, replacing a broken window with a portion of the shower door may require hiring a window installer to do the job properly.