Red Ground Cover: Cosmic Red, Nasturtium, And More

Red ground cover can add a wonderful splash of color to any landscaping design. Here are a few possibilities for you to consider:

Cosmic Red

Cosmic red has the distinction of being very versatile. It does best in a sunny area, but can also thrive in partial shade. It is also great to use in poor soil and will withstand high heat and humidity. The vibrant red blooms will last all through summer up until frost.


This is another flowering variety that is very popular for borders. It grows best in full sun, but can also do well in partial sun to partial shade. It is best known for its gem toned colors and bright reds. The flowers and seed pops are used as an alternative for capers. Nasturtiums make a wonderful border for any garden or lawn.

Pineleaf Penstemon

This a very full cover bush with great scarlet colored needles. It will continue to show color all season, eventually changing to a deep orange- red color.  It survives in drought conditions, and is a resilient species. The color is a distinctive red orange and will catch the attention of everyone. It can grow in the full sun, and does well in conditions considered desert-like, such as those in the western United States.