Refinish Your Cast Iron Shower Pan

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What You'll Need
Liquid cleaner
Brasso iron cleaner
Dry cloth
Polishing cloth
Shoe brush

Having a cast iron shower pan is nice when the piece is shiny and new, but eventually you may find that the iron has become discolored, dirty, and unattractive. Because cast iron bases take well to cleaning, you may decide to refinish the whole thing.

Cast iron can be seriously by water stains, soap marks, dirt, and scuffs. Consider refinishing as an alternative to replacement. This is a task that anyone with a little bit of home improvement knowledge can complete by following a few simple steps.

Step 1 - Clean the Pan

Use a liquid cleaner and several cloths to get the bottom of the shower pan as spotless as possible. Avoid using bleach and powder cleaners, as they can cause more stains and damage. Use basic liquid hand soap to clean away all of the marks that cannot be removed.

Step 2 - Apply Brasso

Brasso has deservedly made a name for itself as the premier metal polish and cleaner. Most homeowners only think of it in connection with brass-colored fittings, but the manufacturer makes a range of products, including a cleaner for cast iron products.

Neatly apply the contents to the surface of the metal and rub it with a clean cloth. Use a shoe brush to scoop some polish onto the floor of your pan and scrub into the metal. Spreading the Brasso as thinly as possible.

Step 3 - Polish the Pan

Once the Brasso has been applied and left to do its work for 30 minutes, scrub the shower pan with a polishing cloth. The Brasso paste should will make the cast iron shine again. You may need to apply more than 1 layer to the pan in order to ensure that it is stain free. Remove all of the polish and buff the surface with your polishing cloth.

Step 4 - Finishing Up

Once you have polished the shower pan, repeat the process every so often. Apply a lighter layer of Brasso to the surface. It will keep the base of your shower shiny and prevent stains.