Refinishing Log Siding

A close up on log siding.
What You'll Need
Garden hose with pressure nozzle
Foam mop

When the log siding of your home requires refinishing, there is no need to pay the high prices charged by a professional. This DIY job can be completed by the average at-home repairperson with little expertise in the subject matter. Traditionally, log siding is a half-round shaped siding that is applied similarly to traditional siding. Since log siding is made to give homes a more natural appeal, the natural materials comprising the log siding are susceptible to the elements. After being exposed to the elements and weather, your log siding may require refinishing to restore its beauty and natural appeal.

Step 1 - Inspect Siding

The first thing to do is walk the perimeter of your home and inspect for damaged, rotten, or molded areas in your siding. You should replace any log siding showing mold or damage before you proceed with refinishing the remainder of the house.

Step 2 - Pre-Rinse Siding

Clean the siding to remove the loose dirt and debris. Start by sweeping the entire perimeter of your home with a broom. Using a wide bristled broom will speed this process along, but a simple house broom will work as well. Simply sweep over the log siding to remove cobwebs, loose dirt, and leaves from the siding. Next, you should rinse the entire perimeter of the house with high-pressure water. This is easiest to accomplish with a garden hose and nozzle sprayer. Start spraying the water at the top of the house and work down the siding toward the ground. The nozzle sprayer should be at a focused setting, but do not stand too close and damage your siding with too much water pressure.

Step 3 - Clean Siding

Now you need to create a cleaning solution for your siding. Take your bucket and add ¼ cup of bleach for every gallon of water you put into the bucket. After putting on your rubber gloves, dip your mop into the solution and squeeze some of the excess solution from the mop. Starting at the bottom of your house closest to the ground, scrub the log siding with the mop. As you begin to work above your head, be sure not to drip any of the cleaning solution into your eyes or on your face. Once you have applied the solution to the siding and scrubbed, leave the solution in place. Do not rinse the solution away when finished.

Step 4 - Finish Siding

After allowing the siding to set for at least two days, you can finish it however you like. You could keep the natural color and appeal of the siding and simply seal it from the elements by applying an oil-based sealant to the siding. You also may choose to stain the siding a color of your choice. Any sides of the home that receive direct sunlight for more than ½ of the day should receive a second coat of sealant or stain to add extra protection from sun damage.