Refresh Your Kitchen: Paint Kitchen Cupboards

Here are some tips to paint kitchen cupboards for a quick, simple, and inexpensive kitchen update.

Start With a Clean Surface

The kitchen has a lot of traffic going through it each day. It also collects grease and grime from cooking. Cleaning your cupboards well before painting is essential. New paint will not adhere properly to a dirty surface.

Sand the Wood

Regardless of the original finish on your cabinets, if you are going to paint, you will need to roughen up the surface with sandpaper. This will help the paint adhere to the cabinets.

Use a fine grit sandpaper of 150 or finer and run it over each surface of the cabinet. Removing cabinet doors makes the entire process simpler.

Use a Good Primer

Choose the primer according to the type of paint you are using. Oil paints need an oil-based primer, while water based latex paints use a shellac primer. When you paint kitchen cupboards, remember they take a lot of abuse, so you want to be thorough and complete when painting.

Multiple Top Coats

Use a professional quality brush for the best finish. A small roller may give you a better look, without the danger of brush lines through the finish. You will need to apply at least two thin coats, allowing the first coat to dry completely before adding the second.