Selecting Hardware for the Front Door

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From door knockers to dead bolts to door handles, customizing your front door is filled with a wide selection of hardware from traditional to modern styles. Boasting a wide array of designs and finishes, door hardware may be purchased as coordinating sets or bought piece by piece. Enhance the look of your home with a glamorous front door enhanced by a gorgeous set of hardware.

Among the hardware you may need for your front door are mortise locks, door knob/ handle, doorbell, locks, and the optional door knocker, letterbox plate, kick plate, and address plaques.


Mortise locks usually sport a keyhole for key entry along with a handle. Such locks come in many styles from classic brass examples to artisan styles of the Arts and Crafts movement. Usually the keyhole and handle are located on the same plate, but some styles offer sectional elements.

Door Knockers

Door knockers come in a wide variety of styles. These are optional features, especially if there is already a doorbell, but they always seem to top off the entry and add a signature look to a front door. From traditional to the more abstract design of the ring knocker, there is a multitude of designs to consider.

Some available styles include carved brass images of everything from Greek gods to lions. From horses to gargoyles, door knockers may add a touch of personality to your front door. S Door knockers and imperial door knockers are other popular designs.


Although letterboxes were a staple for most homes several decades ago, today they may be simply another way to add personal style to your door. From brass to pewter, these accents may be chosen to match the door knocker as well as the door handle. Likewise, the doorbell cover may also be chosen to match the other hardware elements of the door.

Doorbell covers are available in a wide array of choices as well. Kick plates are not frequently chosen for residential front doors, but they can certainly be added to give the door a bit more hardware pizzazz and protect the door's base at the same time.


Deadbolts essentially require a key for operation. Both single and double deadbolts are available to provide your home with extra security. There are deadbolts designed in artistic styles like those of the Arts and Crafts movement, but also some basic styles made from solid brass and steel.

Door hardware may be found in Victorian styles or in more basic and contemporary styles. From brass, steel, nickel, and bronze, there is a great combination of parts to set your door apart and enhance your home's entry.