Reinforced Concrete Slabs: Steel Mesh vs. Rebar

Reinforced concrete slabs are made to last. Everything from buildings and homes are built on top of reinforced concrete slabs and even some gardens and pools will make use of it. When working with concrete you will be faced with 2 popular choices when reinforcing concrete. The first is using rebar and the second is using steel mesh. The information below will address both of these reinforcement techniques.

Thickness of Concrete

Depending on how thick you want the reinforced concrete slabs to be will determine which product is best suited for reinforcing. If the thickness of the slabs is less than 1 foot, then steel mesh may be the best choice for you as rebar is best used vertically.


Rebar is strong and can be placed flat to reinforce concrete or it can stand straight. The same applies for steel mesh. One thing that steel mesh has that rebar doesn't is the ability to shape it.

Placement Difficulty

One issue you'll have is placing the rebar or the mesh. Creating reinforced concrete slabs means having to pour the concrete. If using steel mesh it is only effective if stays within the center of the concrete. Rebar can be posted in the ground before filling.