Transforming Your Basement Into a Game Room

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Whether you are adding a game room, an entertainment room, or a work room, remodeling a basement is a great addition to any home. Finishing your basement will take time and money, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Deciding How to Use the Space

So you’ve decided to remodel. Deciding what to do with the space is the next step. One thing to consider is adding a partition. Another important consideration is whether you plan to use the whole space. If you are installing a game room and intend on making it a main room for entertaining, you may also want to install a bathroom in the basement.

Preparing a Budget

There are a few factors that impact your budget. Contractors generally charge you a per square foot. You also have to pay for materials, as well as an architect to design the project.


Be sure to select the flooring, colors, and any electrical fixtures. If you need any permits, be sure to get them before any work is done to your home. As with any contracting project, to be sure all work, payment schedules, and timelines are written out in a contract along with an estimate for the price.