Remodeling a Small Bathroom for a Disabled Person

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If you only have small bathrooms in your home, you may be forced to remodeling a small bathroom should someone become disabled.

Making It All Fit

The largest challenge is making sure a wheelchair can fit into the bathroom. The door should at least 36-inches wide.

The Sink

The sink and mirror fixtures should be lowered to ensure that a handicapped person can use them. There are no specific height requirements, but you should keep the user in mind when installing them.

The sink should also have open access so that a wheelchair can roll under the counter. Ensure that the pipes are covered to prevent burns. You will also want to install lever knobs to allow the handicapped user to turn the water on and off easily.

The Toilet

The toilet must be 3.5-inches higher than a normal toilet. It should also be an elongated style with adequate support to allow someone to hoist themselves from a wheelchair without assistance. Grip bars will help.

The Shower

The shower must be at least 36x36-inches. The disabled person should be able to enter without assistance; therefore, it should have a curb that is less than .5-inches high.

There should also be grip bars to use for support and possibly a fold-down chair. Ensure that the on and off valve is within easy reach. The shower head should be on a rod that can be easily manipulated.