Remodeling an RV: What You Need to Know

Have you had your RV for a few years? Do you spend a lot of time vacationing and driving to all parts of the country? Are you someone who cannot live without the time and vacation days you spend in your RV? If this sounds like you, then you are also probably someone who spends a lot of time maintaining and keeping your RV in tip top shape. As it ages and weathers, you look for different ways to improve the RV and get it modernized without needing to purchase a brand new vehicle.

Remodeling the Exterior

As routine maintenance goes, when remodeling your RV do not forget about the general exterior components that need to be taken care of. Start by replacing the roof and then begin to look at the exterior siding material, as it may also need to be replaced. Finish by checking at the windows and the doors. If your windows and doors leak and let in additional cool or warm air, you may wish to consider replacing these components as well.

Check out Magazines

Before you begin to write down and shop for all the things you would like to have in the interior of your RV, subscribe to and purchase magazines that outline the hottest trends in interior RV fashion and appliances. Take your time making a list of all the items you would like to invest in for your RV Remodeling project.

Out with the Old and in with the New

As you begin your remodeling project, make sure you save all the materials, appliances and fixtures you wish to re-install in your RV. Turn off all the plumbing and electrical before you begin to tear out the sheetrock, the walls and other pieces you no longer need. As you begin to install the interior of your RV, first decide whether you wish to replace your walls with regular walls and paint, or whether you would like to invest in paneling. After you are set on the walls, pick your cabinets, fixtures, appliances and other pieces of your decor.

Kitchen Cabinets

Storage space tends to be one of the most important things in the design of an RV. The cabinets need to provide you with ample storage space for your pots, pans and other dried and canned food items. Pick a color and a finish that is suitable to your decor. Consider space saving ideas and make sure your appliances will fit flush with the kitchen cabinets you have chosen. Darker colors will make the room look smaller, and lighter colors will make the RV space look larger. Adding pieces of glass and mirrors will also increase the look of the room. It will give the impression that the RV is much larger than it actually is.