Remodeling Your Basement Into a Wine Bar

wine pouring into a glass with cheese and grapes in the background
  • 2-40 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50-2,000
What You'll Need
Wine bar
Wine shelves
Bar stools

If you are a wine lover, consider turning your basement into a wine bar. Here are the basic steps you'll have to do.

Step 1 - Choose Your Design

Decide what you want your wine bar to look like and where it will sit. Next, pick out some furniture, pictures, signs, wall-hanging decor, and rugs to surround and compliment your bar.

Purchase a wine bar with bar stools, a couch, and a chair that match your desired color scheme. Finally, buy a wine shelf or wine refrigerator to hold your unopened bottles.

Step 2 - Place the Furniture

crate with wine and sign next to it reading Bar is Open

Once you have everything picked out, you are ready to put it in place. Start with your wine bar. Once it is installed, put mirrors on the wall behind the bar. Screw the mirror clamps in around the mirrors to hold them in place.

Next, put the bar stools in front of the wine bar and then place your couch and chair in an area near your wine bar to make conversation easy. When your furniture is set up, screw or nail your wine shelves to the existing wall to prevent them from getting turned over.

Step 3 - Hang Wall Decor

Now that you have the furniture in place, choose where you want to hang pictures, signs, and other wall decor that will match the theme of your wine bar. A common decorative element is a neon sign hung behind the bar itself. Also, anything with pictures of grape vines and wine vineyards would enhance your decor.

Step 4 - Add the Finishing Touches

To tie the room together, put tables around your couch and chair and place magazines on them. Lay rugs on the floor if you so desire, but remember to place them in area where they will not receive a lot of spills. You could also choose to add more lighting if you feel the space needs it.

A wine stain and the glass it fell from on white carpet.Don't worry if you do spill on your rug! We've got you covered with wine stain removal tips.