Remove a Pocket Door in 5 Steps

A pocket door.
  • 3-5 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-50
What You'll Need
Pry bar
Utility knife
What You'll Need
Pry bar
Utility knife

Removing a pocket door is useful if you want to change the look of your home. Pocket doors are useful for different reasons, but it might be useful to remove them if you no longer want them. Pocket door frame removal is actually very easy. It's simply a matter of carefully removing the door so that you don't risk causing any harm or damage. This way you will be able to avoid the need to redecorate.

Removing a pocket door is very simple and doesn't take very long to complete at all. You should then be able to either fill in the door or replace it with a conventional door.

Step 1 - Cut the Door Stop

Open the door fully so that you can access the door stop. Then use a razor or knife to cut the caulk and paint out of the way of the door stop, making sure that you are very precise when cutting along the door stop because accidental slips can be damaging. If you slip, this can cause damage to the wood along the door stop.

If you really don't want to use the wood again, then it would be possible to rip this out using a prybar. This would make the wood completely useless.

Step 2 - Remove the Door Stops

Next you need to lift all of the door stops away from the frame. This is very easy and you will need to use a pry bar to lift these out. Normally there is one part of the stop which is nailed on either side of the door. Try to remove the wood intact so that you don't cause any damage to it. Any damage will mean that you can't use the wood again if you wanted to.

Step 3 - Shut the Door

Now you will need to shut the door so that it closes the door. This will give you access to the whole door so that you can begin to remove it.

Step 4 - Lift the Door Out

The door now needs to be removed. There will be one section of the track which is open. To remove the door you need to stand on the same side as the open track and start pulling the door towards you lifting it at the same time. This should remove the rollers out of the track. If you're working on a large door then you might need another person to help you manhandle the door itself.

Step 5 - Remove the Door

Remove the door and then set it aside. This will mean that the door can then be put out of the way of the doorway.

Removing a pocket door can be very difficult and it's even more difficult depending on the type of door you are removing. If the tracks are hidden in the wall, then you might find it difficult to remove the door. In this case, you should ask a professional for help.