Remove and Replace French Doors

  • 2-8 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50-500
What You'll Need
Damp cloth
Cleaning solution
Carpenter's level
2x4 wood

The French doors that were installed in your home either before or after you moved are sometimes in need of a replacement. French doors are pretty and add a lot to a home decor. They allow light in to any room, while providing the privacy necessary. The following will guide you to replacing your old French doors with a new set. It does not require a lot of mechanical skill or know how, just a little time and patience.

Step 1 - Remove the Hinge

To remove the door, place a screwdriver at the hinge pin. With a hammer you will be able to get the pin out of the door by placing the screwdriver under the top of the hinge pin and tapping it with the hammer to get the pin out.

Step 2 - Remove the Door Jamb

The bottom of the door is where the threshold and the doorjamb are located. To remove these take the screwdriver and pry them up and remove the screws or nails with the hammer. If either are hard to get off you might need to saw them off with the reciprocating saw or metal cutting blade saw. If you notice any damaged or rotting wood it will have to be removed. You will not know this until the threshold and doorjamb are removed.

Step 3 - Clean the Area

You will need to clean this area and remove any old caulking and loose debris that could be around the doorway.

Step 4 - Replace the Frame

If the frame of the door needs to be replaced you can buy 2x4 wood to replace the frame.

Step 5 - Level the French Door

Before installing the new French doors make sure they are level by using a carpenter’s level to make sure the inside of the opening is just that.

When installing the door always start from the bottom of the door to install. To recheck to make sure the bottom is level make sure the plumb of the leveling tool in the middle of the plumb line which indicates that the threshold is level.

Step 6 - Level the Frame

The frame of the door has to be level. If you have to put shims in then drill holes through the frame and then hammer nails into this to keep it level

Step 9 - Secure the Frame

Attach the frame. Use large screws to make sure the frame is completely secure. Trim the shims with a utility knife so that they are flush to the wall.

Step 10 - Add Trim Work

To add trim, nail it to the door opening.

After the door has been installed you should seal all the joints with caulking made of silicone. It is a good idea to paint all of this before installing the door hardware. Make sure the paint has dried completely before putting the finishing touches on the door.

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