Remove Black Spots from Teak Wood Patio Furniture

What You'll Need
Soft brush
Soft scouring pad
Soapy water
Liquid bleach
Commercial Teak Cleaner

Of all furniture used for outdoor living, teak wood patio furniture is often considered by many homeowners to be the preferred wood furniture. Not only is teak durable, but with aging it can maintain a natural beauty unequaled by other woods. Another reason it is preferred is the unique look of each piece of teak. Through growth in its natural state, each piece of teak develops unique grain and color characteristics. But like any other outdoor wood furniture, teak requires care if it is to continue showing its beautiful appearance.

Here are 7 key tips for preserving the beautiful finish of teak furniture.

Tip 1 – Maintaining Its Smooth Finish
To regain a smooth finish on your teak furniture surface after exposure to moisture and the surface grain has raised slightly, use a soft bristle brush or scouring pad with water and liquid dish detergent to clean dirt from its surface.

Tip 2 – Removing Mildew and Stains
To remove these tough stains add to your soapy water a solution of water (2 parts) and liquid bleach (1 part). After washing the teak surface with this solution, rinse it thoroughly with clean water.

Tip 3 – Avoiding Damage from Harsh Cleaning Methods
To avoid scouring or roughening the teak surface, do not use pressure washers. You can also avoid residues that will leave rust spots if you take precautions not to use steel wool to clean teak surfaces.

Tip 4 – Restoring Original Colors
After a few years when teak has not been cleaned it is likely to take on a somewhat dark or black appearance in some places. To remove these dark spots and restore the teak's natural appearance, use a concentrated commercial teak cleaner.

Tip 5 - Preserving Teak's Finish
Use a commercial protector to extend the natural gold color of teak after you have cleaned the teak's surface. Some of these teak preservatives are water based and biodegradable and include UV inhibitors that can help reduce weathering caused by sunlight. Application of these preservatives will often help maintain the natural beauty of teak furniture. But some of these products may stain patio surfaces and damage plants if used improperly. Be sure to follow directions from the manufacturers before using these products.

Tip 6 – Using Teak Oil and Varnishes
Oils, or oily products, can often leave a residue that is sticky on teak surfaces they are applied to. This greasy condition creates a positive environment for mildews that can leave black spots on teak furniture. Similarly, you should avoid coating your teak surfaces with any type of varnish or paint that will not only hide the natural beauty of teak, but can cause flaking or cracking of the surface.

Tip 7 – Placing Teak Furniture near Fabrics
New teak furniture surfaces retain a natural oil, that, along with teakwood dust, can stain fabrics such as those on cushions or umbrellas. You can avoid staining these fabrics by avoiding any contact they may have with teakwood during the first few times teak has become wet.