Remove Masking Tape Without a Residue

Remove masking tape without leaving the appearance of a residue is a hard task to accomplish if you don't have the right materials. The worse thing that could happened is an unsightly reside that is hard to remove.

Remove by Adding More Tape

Depending on what type of surface the masking tape was originally on, using more tape can actually remove the residue. For instance, if the masking tape was on a smooth surface, applying a fresh piece of tape over the leftover residue can help peel it off. When applying a fresh piece of tape, you will want to firmly put your finger down on the tape. This will ensure that the residue will stick onto the newly fresh tape. For best results, rub your finger back and forth along the tape to ensure contact. 

Rolling off the Glue

Using a warm finger, push onto the tape going in one direction. This should allow the glue to roll off. This option usually works when the residue is recent and still slightly gooey. 

Rubbing Vegetable Oil onto the Residue

With a few drops of vegetable oil, rub it into the masking tape residue. You will want to let this sit upon the residue for about 20 to 24 hours. After, you can apply masking tape to remove both the glue and the substance. 

Rolling the Residue Off

After a day, gently roll off the residue. You may need to apply a little pressure and gently scrub the area with a warm damp cloth.

Using the Rubbing Alcohol

Apply rubbing alcohol to a cotton ball. With a little pressure wipe the residue away. The rubbing alcohol should loosed and dissolve the residue. Don't have rubbing alcohol? You can use a face astringent to help remove the residue.

Spraying Down the Surface with WD-40

Assuming the surface the residue is on won't be damaged by chemicals, you can spray down the sticky area with WD-40. You can also you an adhesive remover. After spraying the area, let the chemicals sit upon the residue for about 20 minutes. You can also try using Goo-Be-Gone, rubber cement thinner, or acetone, a common ingredient found in nail polish remover. If you don't want to spend extra money, your best option is using a substance that you have already bought in your house. If you use acetone don't use it on plastic, the chemical can eat through it.

Removing Residue with Eucalyptus Oil

If the remaining residue from masking tape is stuck on a polyurethane wood floor, you can use eucalyptus oil to remove it. Leave the oil on the residue for a few minutes before wiping it away with a cloth. Don't use a paper towel because they paper fibers can break off and stick onto the sticky area making your problem worse. The best advantage to using eucalyptus oil is that the oil will not damage the wood.

Removing masking tape can be troublesome, but with the proper chemicals, that sticky residue will be gone.