Remove Moisture Between Double Panes of Plate Glass

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  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 1-45
What You'll Need
Blow Dryer
Clear Caulk
Caulking Gun

You may believe that once moisture starts to seep between panes of plate glass, you will have to get a window replaced. However, there are many cheap and easy ways to remove moisture from this hard-to-reach space.


Many homeowners apply heat to their windows as a simple means of clearing moisture. You can apply heat with a hairdryer until the moisture has visibly cleared.

Once the moisture has cleared, use some sealant to re-seal all the way around the windows to make sure that no new moisture can form. Always check for cracks before applying heat as these can be made worse when a hairdryer is utilized for removing moisture.

Clear Caulking

Clear caulking is an effective solution for moisture that you can buy from any good hardware store. Apply it to the base of your windows where most of the moisture forms. This will stop the moisture from seeping into the current sealant and getting in between the plates of glass.

Call Contractors

If you can not find an effective solution, call in a contractor. Contractors will drill small holes into the glass to clear moisture and fog. They will then install a one-way valve into the tiny holes which will stop moisture or air from penetrating the glass. This service will cost a lot more but it is a tested method that comes recommended by professionals.