Remove Oil Stains from a Stamped Concrete Driveway

Whenever you park vehicles on a stamped concrete driveway, oil stains are likely to happen. Follow these suggestions to remove oil stains from your stamped concrete driveway fast and effectively.

Clean the Stain Promptly

Prepare to remove the oil stain on your driveway while it is still liquid. Apply some grease-cutting liquid dish detergent to the oil stain, and soak it and the surrounding stamped concrete with warm water. Scrub the center of the oil stain with a nylon bristle brush. Do not use a wire brush as it will scratch the surface. Absorb the oil and detergent mixture with paper towels, sawdust or cat litter. Call your municipal public works department to arrange disposal in a safe landfill site.

Clean Dried-In Oil Stains

Use dish detergent as you did on the fresh stain, mixed with hot water to help lift the stain out. You can also use kerosene, a solvent, to help release the oil stain. Kerosene is highly flammable so use it well away from your house.

Reduce Formation of Oil Stains

Use a sealant formulated with silicone additives called silane or siloxane, to help seal your stamped concrete driveway. These silicone sealants block the concrete pores to prevent penetration of water and oil, while allowing moisture to evaporate.