Remove Paint from Pine Paneling

What You'll Need
Chemical paint stripper
Protective gloves and glasses
Paintbrush or roller
Scraping tool
Stripping pad

Pine paneling has an appealing appearance and is often chosen for walls in the home. However, these panels have groves, which will make them more difficult to clean, paint or sand. If you need to repaint the pine paneling, you have to remove the paint and this can be done either by sanding the surface or by using a paint stripper. A paint stripper will save you time and effort.

Step 1 – Prepare the Area

Open the windows, to have a ventilated area and avoid inhaling chemicals. Get protective gloves and glasses. You may also protect your floors by using some old newspapers.

Step 2 – Apply Paint Stripper

Apply a coat of paint stripper using a paintbrush or a paint roller. This solution will dissolve the paint. Allow the solution to work for a few hours or as indicated on the label of the paint stripper.

Step 3 – Remove the Paint

You can determine whether you can start removing the paint when you see bubbles on the surface of the panels. Use a scraping tool to get rid of the paint. A plastic tool will ensure that you won’t damage the panels. Use a stripping pad to eliminate any remaining paint or paint stripper.