Remove Permanent Marker from a Glass Mirror

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  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • $0-40
What You'll Need
Alcohol wash
SOS pad

Permanent markers have many uses. They can be used when moving to label the contents and location of your boxes. They can also be used to make posters and signs for football games and other public gatherings. Unfortunately, permanent marker can create a permanent mess when it is misused. Many a parent have discovered a child playing with permanent markers only after the child has marked the floor, the walls, and even the mirrors.

When ink from a permanent marker or Sharpie is applied to a glass mirror and allowed to dry, it adheres to the surface of the mirror ferociously. The bond is difficult to break, making the marking on the mirror seemingly impossible to remove. While the initial reaction of most people who discover that their mirror has been tarnished by a permanent marker might be to simply replace the damaged mirror, doing so may not be necessary. In most cases, you can remove the ink with a little elbow grease and the proper cleaning supplies. Try the following 2 methods to remove a stubborn blemish on your glass mirror.

Use Rubbing Alcohol to Remove the Permanent Marker

This method works best for smaller markings but may be used on larger colored areas with patients. Try soaking a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and then use it to scrub the marking off of the mirror. You may also choose to soak the marking with rubbing alcohol before using a fresh dish cloth to rub out the marker.

Use a Wet and Soapy SOS Pad to Remove the Permanent Marker

This method works well for larger markings. Soak a fresh SOS pad with warm water and soap before using the abrasive side to scrub the marker off of the mirror. This method works well in combination with a rubbing alcohol pre-soak.