Remove Water From a Flat Roof

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A flat roof is not necessarily flat. It is built with a low incline that to the eye appears to be flat. This can create a concern regarding water pooling after a heavy rainfall and accumulating on the roof surface. Over time, as the roof ages, this could present a potential problem for leakage and damage. Here are some tips to deal with the water removal process.

Manually Remove Water

After a heavy rainfall, it is a good ideal to climb on the roof and with a stiff broom or squeegee, push excess water over the side of the house. This will prevent the water from accumulating on the roof and potentially creating a leaking hazard.

Apply an Adhesive

There are coating adhesives designed specifically for flat roofs. These adhesives keep water from accumulating and cause it to run off the roof. This product is typically applied during the roof’s installation. Over time, as the coating wears away, a new application should be made in order to maintain protection.

You should take all necessary precautions whenever you climb on a roof to ensure your safety and make sure that you do not fall or injure yourself during the water removal process. Make sure that your ladder is properly secure and that you take your time when climbing on and off the roof.